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Staying Safe & Active During COVID Winter Months

These last few unexpected days of warm weather was so welcoming and enjoyable. It was refreshing to see so many take advantage of the parks, basketball courts and walking around the neighborhood. But unfortunately, all good weather must come an end (especially for us Jerseyans). So what can we do to keep moving with colder months approaching and a decreased ability to be outside for physical activity. Especially since we are still in the midst of a pandemic and social distancing.

Putting some safety measures in place and heading back to the gym is one option. Of course, this is a personal preference in what makes you comfortable with the current COVID climate. But last week when I decided to go back to my local community center for the first time post COVID I found it to be a safe environment. There was a very small crowd and plenty of social distancing in place.

Some safety measures that are key at this time to protect yourself and others are to:

  • Wear your mask

  • Maintain at least 6 feet social distancing

  • Wipe down equipment after each use

  • Wash your hands or use sanitizer frequently

  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth & nose

Another option this winter can be at home workouts to stay in balance with maintaining your weekly physical activity goals. Zumba has been my go to these last 10 years so I usually flock to these classes. But sometimes I find that not all instructors can hold my complete attention or that I desire to have a few different workout options to prevent getting bored with the same mundane routine.

Throughout high school, I performed in marching band and the color guard band front. I was also active in the United Youth of New Jersey step/drill team. (I still say I would go back to being a kid to simply experience these activities again😊.) Another high school physical sport for me was an attempt at long distance cross country track. Unfortunately,  my 1st meet was my last meet because I found out very quickly that running 13.1 miles continuously was not for me😳😂. It was a memorable shot but I decided to stick with what worked; stepping and marching. And just a quick side note, I believe these early years of movement shaped the importance of physical activity in me as an adult. So, parents try to keep your little ones moving as much as possible! They will benefit from it long term for a number of reasons.

My childhood enjoyment of stepping and marching brought me to a fitness routine I fell upon earlier this year; Xtreme Hip Hop Step with Phil . I've done basic step classes in the past. But the mix of black culture and and my connection to the love of step has by far made this class one of the most enjoyable exercise class I've done. And in turn this has been the longest and most consistent I have been able to establish a workout program. It gives me a similar feeling and joy I had with stepping back in high school. So, you can say this is my current version of reliving my glory days😍.

And just like I found the right workout video/class for me, you can also! Just ask yourself, what do I enjoy? Reflect on your childhood days and ask; what did I like? With the array of online programs, dvd's and social media platforms you are bound to find something that's right for you. Just start exploring. And keep trying different ones until you fall upon the one for you. Also, keep in mind you usually can find a snippet on YouTube and other platforms before purchasing so you do not have to spend unnecessary money on products that will sit on the shelf and just collect dust.

So, go on a journey to discover how you can maintain your physical activity in this upcoming season. This may be even more important this year because some are already desiring to shed some of those COVID quarantine pounds. Add that to the natural upcoming hibernating months and holiday foods, you can find yourself further behind the eight ball in your health.

Need some help exploring these activities. Feel free to message me privately so we can talk about setting up a wellness coaching consult. Also, head on over to my Instagram page to follow some of my personal journey of health and healing by developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Don't forget:

One small lifestyle change at a time can be a WHOLE world of a difference for your body.

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