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Health Education & Coaching Services

A path to exploring Whole Health in You!

1:1 hour-long weekly conversations via in person or video chat.  Find out more below.

​What is Heavenly’s Wellness Cove Health Education & Coaching Services?

  • Heavenly's Wellness uses a unique education based and behavioral health change concept that focuses on whole body health; a model developed and researched by the National Institute of Whole Health.

  • I begin with an in-depth initial interview session. This includes a discussion about the clients personal and family background information relating to their current health concerns. I also go on a whole body exploration of the 5 aspects of health: this includes physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional and spiritual health ™.

  • I then provide clients with evidence based information and education to help improve their health status and prevent disease processes through self-directed, sustainable lifestyle choices.

  • I also provide individualized one-on-one motivational health coaching, goal setting and health advocacy support.

  • Follow up weekly sessions assess and evaluate clients' response to services provided and tailor the following sessions to fit specific needs.

  • Follow up weekly sessions also provide the client with an understanding of the how and why of their condition. The client can then decide what changes they are willing to make to improve their health and prevent further progression of their health concerns.

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