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Meet Evenly

For 10+ years, Evenly Lewis worked with adult and pediatric cancer patients in New Jersey as a certified oncology registered nurse. Beyond treating diseases and providing comfort care, Evenly demonstrated a passion for educating patients on lifestyle choices, preventative care measures, and the need to screen for blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and some types of cancer. This culminated in a missionary trip to Haiti – with Christian Hand “The Leoda Jusma Foundation” – where she provided medical care and education to patients of all ages and backgrounds. After she arrived home, Evenly led fundraising efforts to ensure that same community had a sustainable source of clean drinking water. 
Now, she is on a mission to combine her passion for community service and health promotion to educate and coach clients who want to make simple lifestyle changes that will lead to long-term health and well-being.
Highly qualified for this work, Evenly graduated from Bloomfield College (in New Jersey) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Early in her training, she became passionate about health education and delivering care throughout the community and in peoples’ homes. As a co-founder of the Bloomfield College Health Empowerment Campaign, Evenly coordinated campus events that educated college students on the importance of nutrition.
While she values the science and precision of nursing, it was the life lessons and meaning that she gained from talking with patients about their backgrounds, needs, and goals of care that changed her life and career trajectory. Inspired by these interactions, Evenly became a certified Whole Health Educator™, Health Coach, and Patient Advocate through the National Institute of Whole Health. This training exposed her to the most important topics that are shaping public health and wellness, including inflammation and disease, digestive function, metabolic syndrome, adrenal function and stress, hidden factors of obesity, immune function, exercise physiology, brain function and behavior, cardiac whole health, living with illness, whole person nutrition, and functional medicine. In 2019, she began helping clients to improve their health and well-being through personalized coaching. 
Outside of work, Evenly has developed numerous programs and activities throughout New Jersey to promote health. One activity she organized and coordinated was the “1000 Laps for Haiti Skate-a-thon" as an initiative to promote physical activity. She exceeded her goal of 100 participants roller skating a combined 1000+ laps within 3 hours. She has also presented physical activity, nutrition and lifestyle lectures to women and children at schools and churches, volunteered to deliver health screenings and education at community events, is a member of the health ministry at her local church, and is the current health liaison for the Middlesex Regional Black Nurses Association. 
In addition to being a nurse, health promoter, wellness educator, and coach, Evenly Lewis is a woman of God, loving wife, mother to two amazing boys, and cares deeply about all people.

Meet Evenly: About Me
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