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Adjust Your Lens & Hit Those 2021 Goals With a New Set of Eyes

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

2020 was quite a year. A year like no other. Many tragedies and challenges but also some blessings that came out of it. For the last 6 years at the beginning of each year, like most, I write down my yearly goals in the front of my prayer journal. And each year I carry over most of them to the next year because I haven't quite hit that goal or want to continue working on it. But for the first time, 2020 resulted in me hitting all of the goals I set. Of course, #1 is because of God's strength and guidance. I would also say it is due the help of a full year with my personal empowerment Coach Dee @ Demi Enterprises . And I can't forget being home more often through this pandemic gave me more time to work on my goals. I was smiling from ear to ear as I reflected on this past year in this area. And gave God extra thanks for many things✝.

And now as I enter 2021 with a renewed sense of moving forward I started off the year completing a goal that I set for myself last January. I shared in my last blog that my childhood enjoyment of drill team stepping and marching band brought me to a fitness routine with Xtreme Hip Hop Step with Phil. Fast forward to exactly one year later and I spent the first weekend of 2021 training to become a certified Hip Hop step instructor. It was a weekend full of fun, hard work and a whole lot of calories burnt 💥.

2021 will be a year of continuing my journey in discovering different ways to remain physically active through the adversities of balancing life. In a perfect world I would have plenty of time to do my structured workout classes at the gym at least 3-5 times a week. For a long time I struggled with and stressed myself out when I did not maintain my workout regimen at the gym. But one thing that 2020 taught us is that when we adjust our lens we can see how to work out things using a new set of eyes. The important thing is to modify and keep jumping back into the game with a new plan. When I really realized that exercise for me did not have to be all about structured work out routines was when I started hitting my "workout" goals in a new way; a new lens👀.

With so many obstacles in life (home, work, kids, spouses and everything in between) we can all learn how to throw movement into our everyday lives anyway we can. And what you will find is a new sense of enjoyment moving your body in so many different and fun ways. In 2020, I not only hiked for the 1st time but I also hiked up a 4000 foot mountain at that same time (I'll share more about this experience soon 😊).

Being that my boys were socially distancing from friends and family I had to become more active into their daily play schedule to keep them moving, entertained and mentally healthy. I found myself playing freeze tag, running on the jungle gym, jumping on the trampoline, biking, rollerblading and dancing like nobody was watching me🎶. A time that was meant to be boring turned out to be the most fun I had in years. What were some of your fun moments of 2020? Who inspires you to move more often?

As we continue quarantining well into 2021, let's get in or keep the mindset of how to move our body even when we are confined to the four walls of our house the majority of the time. Take me for example, I would have loved to have had the opportunity to do a live instructor step training class. I originally told myself that I was going to wait until after the pandemic passed to travel to Ohio just to get certified. But today I am so glad that I moved forward with a new set of eyes to hit my goal. The online virtual platform I used to do this turned out to be ALL THAT plus more than I had expected. Yes, things look differently now but we can still hit those same goals.

Like most, we start the new year off strong in setting goals and conquering them. And as we can see from the 1st 15+ days of 2021 life's challenges will continue this year. But this year we can be better at maintaining balance in keeping our focus through these challenges. What goals will you be conquering this year even through adversities? What intentions will you be setting and moving forward with?

Head on over to on my Instagram and Facebook page to connect with me as I make this year focus on exploring even more ways to develop and grow in my physical activity time. My hope is that this will encourage and inspire you to do the same. Yes, I can't wait for that spring weather to hit so I can get back to my happy place of nature. But in the mean time I'll keep stepping and dancing it out like no one is watching me to maintain my physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, environmental health and spiritual health. And I hope you do the same also😉. Feel free to read a few of my past blogs to gain more information about the benefits of physical movement in your daily life, to explore different ways you can improve your overall wellness and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

And just a reminder:

One small lifestyle change at a time can be a WHOLE world of a difference for your body.

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