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Cheers, Cheers, Cheers to Another Year!

Dear Diary: 2023 recap🎊

2023 was an amazing year! I love starting off my year with a vision for all of my goals for the upcoming year. But what I love even more is when I look back at the previous year and see what I have done. For the last few years, increasing my physical activity has been one of my number 1 goals but a few obstacles have slowed the process down more than I expected. Fast forward, I am now 2 years post pregnancy bedrest, and I can still feel the deconditioning in my body; especially in my legs. My mind tells my body it should be a lot further than it really is by now and that I should have done a lot more than I did this past year. I thought my "mommy belly" would be a little flatter, my muscles would have a bit more definition, my legs wouldn't feel so weak when I want to move them or my derrière would be a little more lifted😊 And lets not mention, my 10-year-old's favorite question is still "Mommy, you are sure you're not having another baby". Whew, child...

But I quickly put those insecurities, negative thoughts and nagging what ifs aside and replace them with reflections of what I did do. What I've accomplished is amazing! A step in the right direction. And for that I am grateful. Because truth be told I am not where I was last year this time!

So, yes today I can still feel the deconditioning, but what I feel even more is the progress that I made over this last year. Words can't describe how satisfying it feels to do what I've done. Not that I took it for granted before but because I now know how it feels not to be able to move the way you want to.

I've shared before I never been a consistent gym person. I personally enjoy moving my body in other ways. I am beyond grateful for all of my biking, mountain climbing, skating, xtreme step and every other adventure in between that I was able to do.

My nature adventures benefited me physically, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally and spiritually. I took walks and caught some nice views, which is a two for one😉

I made new memories with my husband, children and family!

I had picnics in the park, sat outside just because, picked fruits & veggies on the farm, and just enjoyed the great outdoors!

I danced some nights away🕺🏾

I played baseball, tennis, slid down the slide, swung on the swings, played on the jungle gym, jumped on the trampoline, road the waves at the splash park, skated and zoomed with my little ones.

Instead of sitting around and watching my kids I jumped in and became a kid again.

So, as I reflect, I can't help but say cheers to me for fueling my passion for movement in 2023 and further igniting it as I take on 2024.

I am gassed up and ready for takeoff with a renewed sense of accelerating forward. I will be continuing my journey in discovering different ways to remain physically active through all the different aspects of life.

I hope me sharing all of my adventures this past year will inspire you to intentionally set out to move your body a bit more.

Combine some physical activity with a little bit of good eating, sleep, hydration and stress relief and you will set your body up to feel better in this new year. 

Cheers to setting your body up for success!

Cheers to fueling your passion for movement!

Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

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