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My Pregnancy Journey

There has been a slight detour in my journey since I last shared on this platform. But I have come to realize that some detours in life lead to some of your biggest blessings... and in my case it was the addition of our precious baby girl to the bunch.

As I reflect on that time, I remember vowing to conquer 2021 with a new set of eyes. I had all these plans to be my most active and physically fit yet. I had hiking, mountain climbing, roller blading, bike riding and countless adventures planned for me and my "3 guys". Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do any of that and instead I went on a different road of adventures. It was full of many unexpected bumps, twists and turns but worth every minute of it.

At 8 weeks pregnant, I was placed on activity restrictions by my ob-gyn. That meant no exercise or physical activity and instructions to "take it easy". I remember this news came the same day I passed and got the all clear to begin teaching as a step aerobics instructor. So of course, there was some disappointment, but I was ready to do what I needed to do to get my baby girl here safely. Fast forward to my 16-week appointment where the doctor informed me that I needed to go on bedrest to help keep her tucked in until it was time for delivery. And so it began, a new way of living for me and my family. It was quite an adjustment to get through, but we made it through 19 weeks of bedrest.

I am a lover of the bed, so I didn't expect the challenges that came with bedrest. Generally just feeling uncomfortable, different aches and pains, keeping myself occupied, longing to get out and enjoy the spring weather, not being able to get around freely, missing my family, desiring to help manage my boys and household, and watching the weight of the world be placed on my husband's shoulders as he navigated our new normal. But even in the midst of all those challenges blessings also came along with it. I spent some much-needed time with God! I got back to my love of prayer journaling and fiction reading. I caught up on some nursing ceu's and education activities. Sudoku, cross stitching, needlepoint and latch hook crafting finally moved from just being long-awaited hobbies to new exploring hobbies.

I ramped up household activities with my boys. Board games, puzzles, legos, science, art and crafting projects became our best friends. I taught my oldest how to play at least 15 new card games while also taking it back to some childhood games I used to love to play. And of course, I threw in some netflix and chill in there. Overall, I found a sense of joy and peace through a challenging situation.

Most of my doctor visits were full of new complications and scares that placed me at high risk for preterm labor. In the end I couldn't believe how much one woman could face during a pregnancy. Ovarian cysts, short cervix, low lying placenta, placenta insufficiency, intrauterine growth restriction, preeclampsia, covid and uterine rupture were some of the diagnoses I heard throughout my pregnancy. But by the grace of God, I was able to keep her tucked in until 34 weeks. My little miracle baby was born at 4lbs 7oz with not one health issue and full of life. I can still hear vividly the doctor telling me it's a miracle we both made it through. And for that, I owe all praises to GOD for seeing us through to the other side of pure joy and completion.

So, here I am now. My challenges of that time have made me new. Made me better. I don't know what this year holds. But I do look forward to my adventures in a new way; with my little munchkin in tow. Ready to do it. A little slower and with a little more effort but it will be done. And just like before I will embrace it every step of the way.

My journey continues... a journey of health and healing by developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle one small change at a time.

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